10 out of 10 sushi display cabinets

Arilex introduces its new static refrigerated sushi display cabinets, capable of maintaining a uniform temperature of between 4 and 8 °C

Arilex, a company specialising in the manufacture of machinery for the Horeca industry, arrives at Hostelco with its new line of refrigerated sushi display cabinets. Thanks to their single-tube upper evaporator, they distribute the cold inside more uniformly and guarantee an interior temperature of between +4 and +8 °C. Moreover, by keeping the cooling unit away from and isolated from the cold room, they prevent the cold room from being affected by hot air outflows.

The new cabinets operate on 230V voltage which keeps them at full power, while also powering an LED interior lighting panel and a digital defrost controller.

To keep the interior in optimal conditions, the new sushi cabinets are equipped with an airtight compressor with a ventilated condenser. Due to the shape of the evaporator, it is possible to fit a very small condensate collection tray.

The new versions also have advantages in terms of cleaning. At the back, removable sliding doors provide easy access to the interior. Inside there is a stainless-steel tray with a deep-drawn bottom on which to place other dishes. In addition, the lack of flaps makes it easier to wash.

The new models of the new series, the VTG and VTL, are available in 2 sizes each, with a capacity for 6 or 8 trays.

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