777 PRO

Midland presents 777 PRO, the professional radio, the smallest, most elegant and discrete of the market.

Midland, a company with more than 60 years of experience in radio communication, presents its line of professional radios specially designed for hotels, restaurants, events and entertainment venues at Hostelco 2020.

Resistant, elegant and powerful, the latest addition to the family is the Midland 777 PRO, the smallest, most elegant and discrete radio of the market. It has a Dual Band transceiver that can operate in two PMR446 bands: the traditional one with 8 channels, and a new extended band with 16 channels.

Through its 8 channels, the Midland 777 PRO is ready to communicate with all radios that work in the operating band 446Mhz-446.1Mhz.

It is equipped with an EDDTM white light display, especially suitable for dark environments, and Vibracall functionality, to operate normally in noisy environments.

Another of the great advantages of the new model is its autonomy: up to 14 hours without having to recharge the battery.

Founded in 1959 in Kansas City, Midland is a world leader in the field of communication and consumer electronics.

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