Aguaviva water dispensers

Pure and microorganism-free water thanks to Aguaviva water dispensers

Aguaviva sources guarantee a water supply of the highest quality, free of germs and contaminants, odors and flavors. Thanks to the Firewall and Biocote purification systems, based on the latest technology in multifiltration and the use of ultraviolet lamps, 100% pure and sustainable water is available to hotel establishments, catering companies and offices.

In addition to offering the best water quality, Aguaviva saves on installation costs, storage and loading processes. This makes it the best alternative to expensive dispensers that use bottles or containers, and reduces the environmental impact.

Aguaviva is part of the multinational Waterlogic, and is distributed through the Horeca Channel. The company has the most prestigious certifications, such as the Gold Seal of the International Association for Water Purification (WQA).


By using ultraviolet light, Firewallsubjects water to a filtration process in which all foreign elements that it may contain, including viruses, bacteria and any contaminating agent, are removed. It is a method patented by the company to ensure maximum water purity.

Among its many advantages, are the prevention of diseases such as salmonellosis, hepatitis or gastroenteritis; the fact that it does not generate bad smells or flavors; that it is harmless in case of overdosing; and that does not use chemicals, such as chlorine, for disinfection.


BioCoteis a unique antimicrobial solution, based on silver technology, that inhibits the growth of microorganisms. A layer of silver ions covers the source, destroying the bacteria that can adhere to it.

80% of microbes disappear within fifteen minutes after contamination. The rest die almost entirely over the next two hours.

Acquiring anAguaviva source is as simple as just establishing a small monthly fee, without prior investment, and has a full service guarantee.

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