AIRDOOR range hood

The induction system and the integrated air curtain of the AIRDOOR hoods save 35% of energy

Altex presents AIRDOOR, the extractor hood that offers maximum energy efficiency. It incorporates an interior plenum with independent control flaps for each filter, and has an integrated perimeter induction system and air curtain, which contributes to a saving in electrical consumption of up to 35%.

Founded in 1994, Altex manufactures and distributes industrial extractor hoods for hospitality equipped with the innovations required by the sector, which has allowed it to have a portfolio of more than 800 customers in the Spanish and international market.

The air curtain of the AIRDOOR hood prevents the dispersion of the fumes outside the cooking zone as well as a diagonal induction, which directs both the fumes and the heat towards the filter manifold. This increases quality and comfort in the work area, and the clean air that feeds it is captured from the kitchen itself, so that it does not need ducts for its operation.

The induction fan is incorporated inside the hood, and it’s easily accessible for cleaning through a cover. The air curtain reduces the distance between the cooking blocks and the hood, allowing to place a smaller extraction duct and a lower power box. This makes possible savings in the installation and in energy consumption of up to 35%.

There is an option, in which the supply of air, coming from outside the premises, is done through the deflector located in the front.

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