Albal Wrapmaster

The Wrapmaster® dispenser is easy to clean and fits in any industrial dishwasher

The award-winning Wrapmaster® line of dispensers, endorsed by the Craft Guild of Chefs, the UK professional chefs’ guild, is coming to Hostelco with Albal Wrapmaster, a simple and safe system for maintaining hygiene in industrial kitchens. The dispensing system with cling film, aluminium foil and baking paper is easy to clean and can be 100% disinfected in a commercial dishwasher.

Another plus? The safety it offers the operator, all without sacrificing speed. The dispenser is easy to use, and its concealed blade protects hands from cuts or injuries.

Wrapmaster® is available in 4 models with 2 different widths. The Duo and 4500 lines offer a width of 45 cm. Wrapmaster Duo is ideal for professional kitchens that use large quantities of cling film, foil and baking paper. The Duo can dispense two kinds of products, facilitating faster service, or just one kind to avoid having to change it often. Meanwhile, the 3000 and Compact lines are equipped with 30 cm rolls and are good options for kitchens with less space.

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