Artificial nature… natural result

Concoral creates artificial spaces capable of imitating nature

Concoral, a family business specializing in artificial plants and flowers with more than 30 years of experience, brings nature to the most unlikely places. Whether for the decoration of indoor or outdoor spaces, public, commercial or even at home, Concoral always has a solution.

In the workshop, a team of professional craftsmen work to provide each piece with the highest quality. Their design, innovation and customer service, fully customised, form part of the brand’s philosophy. To achieve this, its experts provide tools, advice and customised solutions according to the needs of each client, thus creating unique spaces.

These artificial gardens are the perfect solution to decorate spaces where it would normally seem impossible. For example, indoors that do not receive natural light or areas where watering is particularly difficult. They are also environmentally user-friendly, as they do not require any maintenance.

As a market leader in the creation of artificial nature spaces, Concoral is dedicated to the import, storage and distribution of artificial flora of all kinds. The brand has a wide range of artificial plants for both indoor and outdoor use. This includes trees, shrubs, flowers and even vertical gardens.

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