Bags that close the circle

Biodegradable plastic is gaining strength in the HORECA sector.

Every year, between 7 and 10 billion tonnes of waste is generated worldwide, of which 30% remains uncollected and untreated. With a firm commitment to biodegradable products and the circular economy, Ecofami is presenting its range of Retal products, made from compostable plastic, at the new edition of Hostelco. The raw materials from which it is made come from renewable sources such as bananas, cassava, cellulose and potato starch.

The main benefit of such products is that, once their life cycle is over, they can be disposed of as organic waste. It decomposes in a short period of time in the presence of microorganisms and serves as organic fertiliser for plants.

The Retal line meets a multitude of needs for product transport, storage and waste disposal in the HORECA sector. Their PLA biodegradable rubbish bags stand out, a model with 3 different capacities (10, 35 and 120 litres and whose colour can be modified to suit the business). They also have 20-metre rolls of transparent film in their catalogue, a solution designed for the well-being of any business and the environment.

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