Bamboo straws

Be-Straw straws from sustainable bamboo to combat deforestation

Be-Straw straws are the most natural way to drink on behalf of the health of the planet. Handmade with bamboo, an unlimited natural resource, they are completely biodegradable. They are ideal for contributing to the sustainability of the hospitality industry, for its strength and durability, and for the absence of dyes and inks. In addition, bamboo has natural antimicrobialproperties.

From sustainable production on a family plantation on the island of Bali, Be-Straw straws fight the planet’s deforestation, as the bamboo from which they are harvested does not die after its harvest. The item is available in different sizes, suitable for all types of consumption, and is customizable.

To ensure the best performance of the straws, it is only necessary to wash them before its first use. Afterwards, they can be washed in the dishwasher, without restrictions in the case of professional short-cycle machines, and with less regularity in domestic ones. In any case, to keep them clean it is enough to rinse them in slightly soapy warm water and let them dry. They can also be disinfected with hot water and vinegar or in the steam cooker.

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