Blast chillers with AirPLUS System

Nuovair's blast chillers are equipped with a high-speed cooling valve and smart ventilation

Nuovair’s industrial blast chillers, the only ones on the market with AirPLUS System, are coming to Hostelco all the way from Italy. The chillers are equipped with oversized evaporators and fans that help maintain constant pressure in the chamber. Not only does the temperature drop faster, the cold is also distributed evenly. The high-speed electronic valve increases the cooling speed by 20%, and the smart ventilation doubles the air inside.

Depending on needs, the company manufactures and sells 3 different models. The star of the high-end line is called Industry and is designed for the serial connection of several machines. It is the only one in the world equipped with PLC and an electronic valve. The Compact model is the smallest model of blast chillers, designed for trays at restaurants. Finally, Power is a practical, powerful and intuitive machine, perfect for small and medium-sized businesses.

With sustainability in mind, the brand is introducing another major eco-innovation. The use of CO2 gases and R455, refrigerants with low global warming potential, allows the unit to save up to 50% in energy. What’s more, it’s easier to maintain than units in other lines, thanks to its AISI 304 steel construction, unique on the market.

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