BLUE2GO: purified water with UV-LED light

The water vending machine purifies water thanks to the sterilising action of UV LED light, and prevents bacterial growth up to 99.99%.

Connecting coolers to the water network to eliminate the costs and environmental impact of transporting bottled water. This is the premise of BLUE2GO, the state-of-the-art water vending machine Blupura is bringing to Hostelco. It provides 4 types of water in a glass or bottle and allows for the purchase of a 500 ml thermos bottle. The highly energy-efficient filtration system purifies the water thanks to the sterilising action of the UV LED light and prevents bacterial growth up to 99.99%.

Sanitising the bottles is a three-stage process that involves pre-washing with filtered water, washing with ozonated water and rinsing with filtered water. Afterwards, ozone is used to sanitise the supply area when it’s not being used. What’s more, autoflushing technology ensures maximum hygiene in the water circuits.

BLUE2GO offers versatility when it comes to supply and consumption options. It offers room temperature, chilled, sparkling and lightly sparkling water, and can fill 750 ml and 500 ml bottles, as well as supply 170 ml of water. The interior has space for 2 CO2 cylinders with an automatic exchanger and stock of bottles with control sensors. The front features a display with an easy-access menu to ensure ease of use for people with disabilities.

Another product Blupura will bring to Hostelco is its BLUE 60, a countertop machine with Ice Bank technology that uses natural gas. It can dispense both chilled (still or sparkling), and room temperature water.

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