CoBots with a waiter’s ‘chip’

Collaborative robots help to reduce the burden of heavy tasks, enabling improved conditions for workers

CoBots (Collaborative Robots) are coming to the hospitality industry to replace the heaviest or most monotonous workloads, allowing waiters to be more attentive in the dining room and offer a better service to the customer. Tarongeta, a company with more than 20 years in the ICT sector, presents at Hostelco two robotic proposals designed to improve the conditions of companies and workers: the Bellabot and the Kettybot.

Bellabot introduces himself as an assistant to the waiter. 3D sensors, a triple RGBD camera for three-dimensional perception and a modular chassis with 190° front sensing angle ensure a smooth, shock and splash-free delivery. Thanks to the intelligent multifunctional system, combined with an AI language module, it shows itself capable of understanding, chatting with diners and acting in a charming way. With a charge of 4.5 hours, it is able to run all day long, as it has a unique energy exchange technology.

On the other hand, Kettybot is ideal when it comes to customer experience. Equipped with an 18.5″ advertising screen, it displays promotional materials in the customised area, with a more attractive marketing approach. Its language-integrated AI makes it appear captivating. Combined with a high-powered speaker, it appeals to both children and adults. In addition, it also has the capacity to transport orders, with an autonomy of 8 hours and automatic recharging at its station.

According to the results of various audits, the introduction of CoBots in hospitality environments allows the operational load within a room to be reduced by 30%.

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