Coffee machines with a ‘Maserati’ spirit

Med Isla Blanca

Med Isla Blanca, producer of Mediterranean-style coffee machines, will present its new range of ‘D’ coffee machines at Hostelco. Its sleek design is inspired by Italian sports cars, with flowing lines and a suspended dashboard with a touch screen. Elegant machines that maintain a balance between form and function. The ‘D’ line features multiboiler technology in its D.MBV and D.MBT versions.

The main feature of this system is that it keeps the coffee separate from the steam boiler, making them work completely independently. Each unit and boiler has its own autonomous heating system, safety and precise electronic temperature control. In addition to saving energy and maintaining a constant temperature, it allows the temperature to be adjusted to tenths of a degree Celsius for each dose.

The most classic version is the D.MCT. Equipped with boiler technology using heat exchangers, it also has a patented system for adjusting the individual group temperature (igts). However, even with the more traditional technical solution, this model allows precise adjustment of the internal heat for each group. It is available in 2 versions: with 2 groups and 12 litres, or with 3 groups and 19 litres.

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