Cofriview365 System

The Cofriview365 Cofrico system predicts food spoilage before it occurs

Cofrico, an industrial refrigeration specialist, goes to Hostelco 2020 with the advanced Cofriview365 technical-energy management system, which monitors and executes actions to make the installation as efficient as possible. Its main innovation is the prediction of deterioration before it occurs, an improvement only possible thanks to the central integration of data of all the energy and process variables of the food, hospitality or catering industry where it is operating.

Cofriview365 acts in the production process to ensure maximum quality and food safety. It follows the correct traceability of the product, as well as its process and conservation temperatures, executing automatic actions to correct the detected pre-failures. It manages the efficiency and the performance coefficient (electric Kw vs. Kw refrigerators), and guarantees a reliable and safe installation, acting in regulation, floating condensation and evaporation, and adaptive defrosts.

The optimization process allows for an intelligent demand and production management. This translates into changing the operating time of the compressors and the number of equipment working, always respecting a series of restrictions, such as ensuring that the temperature of the product does not exceed a threshold or that excessive consumption does not occur. That is, Cofriview365 performs an excess control based on the electricity rate contracted by the customer. The optimizer calculates the evolution of the temperature in the future and adjusts the setpoints so that the cost is as low as possible.

Through statistical models, based on the use of neural networks, the system analyzes patterns and detects deviations that allow predictions and corroborate optimal operation of the installation or, where appropriate, proceed to correct possible failures detected by automatic actions.

Cofrico designs, projects, executes and maintains industrial and commercial refrigeration facilities, and industrial catering since 1985. It is one of the pioneer companies in using transcritical CO2 as a natural refrigerant in Spain, and in offering integral maintenance solutions for energy efficiency in industrial and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning.

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