Coldest beer in the world

Wondercool presents the first super cooler in front counter format, capable of maintaining temperatures down to -7 °C

Is it possible to offer the coldest beer in the world, without it freezing, in just a few minutes? Wondercool, a pioneering company in sub-zero refrigeration, is committed to this and arrives at Hostelco with the first super cooler in front-counter format. Measuring 119 cm x 160 cm and just over half a metre in depth, the Wondercool FM-2 maintains temperatures between -5 °C and -7 °C thanks to its CFC-free R-290 refrigerant gas.

To maintain a constant internal temperature, the cooler is insulated with injected polyurethane insulation with a density of 40 kg/m3. In addition, the doors are equipped with hinges with automatic return system and opening lock.

The Wondercool FM-2 has a climate class 4. It uses CO2 as the blowing agent, with a refrigerant charge of 120. Defrosting is fully automatic thanks to the forced draught evaporator with anti-corrosion coating. Sublimation of the frost takes place without the need for any intervention. This, together with a compact structure made entirely of stainless steel, makes the equipment easier to maintain and more convenient to clean.

In terms of capacity, despite being a bar model, it is capable of storing up to 24 thirds per grill.

The FM-2 is not the only surprise Wondercool brings. The brand will offer an additional 5% discount to its distributors during Hostelco 2022 with the code #HOSTELCOBAJOCERO.

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