Corellia 1000: housekeeping à la carte

The Ascolia trolley can be fitted with lockable doors and both the front and back of the trolley can be customised.

Thinking about optimising the balance between efficiency, design and working comfort during housekeeping, Ascolia presents at Hostelco the Corelia 1000, a housekeeping trolley for hotel rooms. Its most outstanding feature is the possibility of customisation. Lockable doors can be added to protect the interior and give the trolley an elegant design. In fact, both the front and the back are customisable.

It is possible to create a model more suited to collecting laundry from the rooms themselves by adding laundry sacks. Or, on the contrary, it can be used for cleaning rooms by adding a bucket and a mop on the 2 bases of the trolley.

The Corelia 1000 is mounted on an aluminium rack and has 4 levels inside for storing clean linen. In addition, it also comes equipped with 6 drawers of different sizes for different functions. Of these, 4 are 120 mm high and are ideal for courtesy products or stationery; the remaining 2 are slightly larger, 170 mm, and can store crockery or cleaning products, for example.

The trolley is controlled by a horizontal steering wheel attached to a fifth wheel for better control. Even so, it is protected by 4 plastic bumpers at the corners to preserve both walls and furniture, as well as the internal cargo.

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