Cup warmer with Italian accent

With a power of 140 W, the CINO cup warmer quickly reaches 75 °C

Italian barista art arrives at Hostelco with CINO, producer and distributor of coffee machines, which presents its new cup warmer. The acclimatiser is able to temper both vessels and saucers in order to improve the coffee conditions. With an output of 140 W, the heater reaches temperatures of up to 75 degrees quickly.

The CINO machine is divided into two independently operating levels. Even so, its measurements are rather practical: 360 x 250 x 550 cm. Made of stainless steel, it does not exceed 10 kilos. It is simple to use: switches at the base of each level light up while the device is switched on, thus preventing accidents.

With operator security in mind, it is possible to add a grid especially designed to avoid burns during handling. In addition, it acts as a heat disperser and facilitates the general cleaning of the heater.

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