Deliverect: the order ‘switchboard’

The software automatically receives all orders from the various platforms directly at the POS

With the aim of connecting restaurants, dark kitchens and catering chains directly with customers, Deliverect, a leading company in online order management, arrives at Hostelco. Thanks to its innovative software, businesses automatically receive all orders from the various platforms directly at their POS and kitchen printer. In this way, they are able to simplify their day-to-day management.

Deliverect is designed to provide a better operational service and achieve greater customer satisfaction. The user-friendly platform facilitates the centralised handling of all online orders, provides real-time reporting and allows menus to be updated quickly and conveniently. Its Insights feature provides up-to-date dashboards that help restaurants use their own data more comprehensively. They also identify those that perform better or worse in order to optimise their conversion.

The Pickup Manager service is geared towards delivery drivers and restaurants alike to view order status on one screen, facilitating communications. Finally, Dispatch controls the entire delivery through its direct channels. In addition, 24/7 online instant messaging support is available for restaurants to communicate with Deliverect directly.

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