Delta Max Machine

ITV Ice Makers Delta Max ice machine produces the new 40 gram solid gourmet cube

ITV Ice Makers presents the range of Delta Max machines, which produce a new gourmet ice cube, solid and crystalline, with a modern design that differentiates it from the classic cubes. Its large size, weighing 40 grams, responds to a current demand in the catering sector.

The Delta Max range incorporates the new R290 gas cooling system, which improves the efficiency of the machine, and has an IN-OUT front ventilation system, which allows embedded installation. In addition, thanks to its solid structure in four autonomous columns, it facilitates both the maintenance and the intervention of the specialist.

Delta Max ice machines also have the ITV patented elastic shower system, which prevents lime deposits by vibration. By pressing the cleaning button, the water recirculates with the descaler, without the need for cooling.

The body is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, and has the strongest door of the market, with an ITV patented opening and damping system.

ITV-Ice Makers is the first Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of ice machines. Since 1982, it develops its own production techniques and technology, which have resulted in numerous patents and utility models. The quality, safety of the production processes and its commitment to sustainability have earned him numerous awards. Currently, its production is present throughout the world, in markets in more than one hundred countries.

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