Electrostatic filters with heat sensor

MFE, the energy-efficient air purification unit

Sodeca lands at Hostelco with new solutions for cleaning and disinfecting the air in professional kitchens while maintaining respect for the environment. This is the MFE, an air purification unit equipped with a high-efficiency electrostatic filter and integrated thermal sensor.

Ideal for the removal of particles, bacteria and volatile organic compounds, the MFE operates on a supply voltage of 230 V 50 Hz. Its good performance, coupled with a high particle capture capacity (95% ePM1), allows it to achieve low-power consumption compared to other conventional systems.

In addition, thanks to the grease tray and a washable grease filter pre-filter, it is easier to keep the unit in perfect condition in environments with a high content of greasy or suspended particles.

The MFE has a modular construction. It can be combined with different air treatment units and is compatible with most existing series, such as CJK/EC or CJK/FILTER/EC, for example. The structure is made of aluminium sections, with 25 mm pre-lacquered sheet metal covers that act as high-quality insulation.

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