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BEERMATIC DUAL TAP is an automatic double tap for draught beer at the right taste and temperature

Up to 15% of beer is wasted during the serving process. To save drinks, time and money, Hoshizaki arrives at Hostelco with its BEERMATIC DUAL TAP, a fully automatic keg dispenser with a foaming mechanism. The ‘hands-free’ portion control allows you to serve a pre-set amount, always at the right temperature and with just the right amount of foam.

The body to head ratio can be adjusted to different types of beer to suit local preferences. The automatic tap has a dispensing capacity of 65 litres, which means it can pour 130 pints consecutively. An internal air-cooled refrigeration system cools the beer on its way through the machine, so it can be served from kegs at room temperature.

Until the beer is poured, no additional attention is required, which results in periods of time for cleaning or charging other orders. Its dual service capability allows customers to be served much faster. In addition, it makes automated work a very useful measure for efficient service to the crowd. In addition, the compartmentalised design of the dispenser is designed to prevent contamination and simplify cleaning routines. With this system, ‘glass-to-person’ contact points can be reduced and a higher level of hygiene can be maintained.

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