High-speed coffee grinders from Eureka

The Eureka Helios is one of the fastest coffee grinders on the market: it reaches an exceptionally high speed of 16 grams in 4 seconds.

Eureka, an Italian company focused on the production of “Made in Italy” coffee grinders since 1920, will be present at Hostelco 2022 to present 2 ranges of coffee machines: the Helios series, high-speed grinders and technology for the standard blend, and Mignon, compact machines for decaffeinated coffee.

The Helios is one of the fastest coffee grinders on the market. It is able to reach an exceptionally high speed (16 grams in 4 seconds) thanks to its high-speed cutter. In addition, it is equipped with a touch screen with 3 selectable doses, cutter wear warning, password lock and a number of customisable settings. Like all other Eureka products, the Helios has a micrometric adjustment knob (patented Eureka).

The Mignon series, on the other hand, is specially designed for decaffeinated grinding. It has an ACE system to prevent the formation of lumps and eliminate the electrostatic charge of the coffee. The machine is configured via a touch screen, with 2 selectable doses and 1 continuous dose. In addition, its Silent technology is presented as an anti-vibration solution that reduces grinding noise by about 20 dB compared to traditional grinders.

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