High-Tech washing technology that saves 2/3 of water

Somengil introduces its range of intelligent washing machines, able to adapt to the needs of each business

With the aim of offering a single solution to various sanitising needs in the HORECA sector, Somengil arrives at Hostelco with its Multiwasher range of washing machines. Its cupboard design optimises space and allows it to accommodate a wide range of items: from shopping trolleys to baskets, pans and plates.

Multiwahser is presented as a more sustainable solution thanks to an intelligent management of 4 factors: water, detergent, pressure and time. It requires no pre-washing and leaves utensils completely dry and ready for use. Its water consumption is up to two thirds less than other similar solutions and it needs 70% less soap.

Its intelligent energy consumption also makes it more environmentally friendly. In addition, the variety of available models allows for even greater savings by adapting the size and power to each situation. The MWS300 has a capacity of 200 litres and 33 kW of power; the MWS500 has a space of 340 litres and a maximum of 37 kW; and the MWS700, the largest of its kind, has a capacity of 500 litres with a power of 47.5 kW.

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