HostelFry Industrial Fryer

Freidoras Valenzo revolutionize hospitality with HostelFry, the world’s smallest industrial fryer

HostelFry, the smallest continuous fryer in the world, brought byFreidorasValenzo, to revolutionize the hospitality sector. Manufactured entirely in stainless steel, its reduced dimensions (96 cm long x 62 wide and 143 high) and a weight of only 160 kg provide it with a unique handling. Thanks to the system of wheels and non-slip feet, adjustable in height, it is ideal for both kitchens and catering services.

Nonetheless, its small size, does not affect its productivity. With a useful belt surface of 25 x 40 cm, equipped with double conveyor belt for continuous frying by immersion, and a container with a capacity for 28 litres of oil, HostelFry responds to the highest service requirements.

In addition, it has a digital panel for the configuration of recipes, removable resistors by rotation system for easy cleaning, a temperature controller of up to 210º C, automatic draining zone, filtration systems of up to 50 microns and oil pumping , and a safety mechanism to prevent overflows during operation. Finally, there is the option to complete the equipment with a compatible fume extractor.

FreidorasValenzo, specialized in the manufacture of continuous industrial fryers, has an R + D + I department, manufacturing workshop and technical service, focused on the improvement and optimization of the food frying process.

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