HPE Compact foaming machines

Customized polyurethane injection solutions with HPE Compact machines from Euro Poliuretani

HPE Compact High Pressure Foaming Machines from Euro Poliuretani offer innovative solutions in polyurethane injection at competitive prices. 50 years of experience of the Italian firm allow them to develop customized systems for each client.

Prepared to mount 80-liter tanks, the HPE Compact has several configurations. Depending on the range required and the type of pumps, there are HPE G model (with gear pumps) or HPE P model (with piston pumps). Likewise, the machine is prepared to work with pressurized tanks (with PED certificate) or not pressurized (BASIC configuration).

The HPE Compact is a firm, low gauge machine, whose design has paid special attention to ease its maintenance. All components are accessible without difficulty for the operator, especially the hydraulic unit, which, mounted on the rails, is removed without problems.

The functionality of the system offers the possibility of incorporating different types of support arms of the chemical lines: articulated, pendulous, oscillating, and even designing new ones for specific installations.

The high pressure mixing head of the EPL series is built using the “L-shaped chamber” system, which ensures quality and repeatability in foaming. As forthe HPE model, thissystemalsoallowsthe use of a widerangeoftwo-componentpolyurethanestomeettheneedsoffoaming in thevariousfieldsofapplication.

Euro Poliuretani is a manufacturer of machinery (injection skimmers, machines for the distribution of polyurethane adhesives and machines for the polyurethane joint) and produces polyurethane systems (System House) with a wide range of foams to meet any need (rigid, integral, flexible, viscoelastic, adhesives and polyurethane gaskets).

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