i-mop Lite scrubber

The i-mop Lite from i-team scrubs much faster consuming 75% less water and cleaning products

The i-team i-mop Lite scrubber-dryer offers the flexibility of traditional mops while improving results, with a much smaller investment of time and efforts. The lightest of the solutions of the i-mop range is designed to operate without wires and to reach every corner, even the smallest and most obstructed areas, where cleaning is critical.

Its rechargeable batteries provide an autonomy of 45 minutes, sufficient time to complete the cleaning, taking into account its wide range of scrubbing, which reaches 1000 m2 of surface per hour. Its excellent manoeuvrability and portability provide revolutionary operational benefits: like its older sisters in the i-mop family, it cleans 70% faster than the traditional mop and up to 30% faster than a conventional automatic scrubber, without the need for complementary manual operations .

Its powerful counter-rotation brushes for dirt removal leave the surfaces cleaner by taking full advantage of water and products needed for cleaning. In this way, it reduces the environmental impact by more than 75%.

The i-mop range is the result of the philosophy that i-team applies in the design and development of its high-end cleaning machines: simplify the process to the maximum, so that cleaning is quick and fun.

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