iKore, the “Einstein” of ovens

CMGrup Professional's new intelligent ovens regulate temperature, humidity and air speed during cooking

CMGrup Professional, official Fagor dealer, introduces the new iKore ovens at Hostelco. Equipped with iCooking intelligent cooking technology, they are capable of adjusting to the phases and parameters of each recipe, as well as recalculating the temperature, humidity, air speed and cooking time. The end result is a combination of optimal cooking and energy savings.

The iKore are equipped with iClima, PureSteam and HA control technologies, which allow them to measure humidity and oxygen content, ensure steam purity and distribute heat evenly, respectively. The EZ Sensor monitors the temperature in the heart of the food for accuracy throughout the process. As a bonus, its ergonomic design ensures the safety of the chef.

This new range of iKore ovens presents 2 versions with slight variations.

On the one hand we have the Advance model, whose main differentiating feature is the baking by trays thanks to the Multitray system. This function uses a single climate and executes as many cooking operations as the oven capacity. The 10″ TFT capacitive glass display is easy to clean, water and grease repellent and scratch-resistant.

On the other hand, the Concept model presents itself as a powerful and tough option. It is equipped with a 2.8” display with a rotary knob with push function for setting and confirming entries.

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