Iniciasystems®, anti-grease technology squared

The degreasing machines of Iniciaserveis allow a saving of 70% in electricity and water

Iniciaserveis arrives at Hostelco with Iniciasystems®, a range of degreasing machines designed for the kitchens of hotels, restaurants and the hotel and catering industry in general. The wash temperature is 75º C, which guarantees a rigorous daily hygiene control and an optimum level of cleaning and disinfection. It is capable of handling the daily maintenance of the entire battery of an industrial kitchen while saving 70% in water and electricity compared to other similar systems.

The lifting system of the inner basket is automated by means of two buttons. Thus, all kitchen utensils can be loaded and unloaded from the front without any contact with water, making them safer for the operator.

Made of stainless steel, there are two models of Iniciasystems® automatic degreasers.

The IS 750 A model has an output of 4,400 kW and operates with a 2 x 5 kg ultra thermoactive. In addition to a capacity of 742 litres, it degreases 80 units per wash cycle: from cooker irons and hood filters to frying pans and casseroles.

Its ‘little brother’, the IS 300 A, delivers 30 units per cycle thanks to its 295-litre capacity and standard 5 kg thermoactive. However, its consumption is lower, as it does not exceed 2,050 kW.

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