Iniciasystems® Utensil washer

Innovative cleaning and disinfection system for kitchen utensils by immersion, saves up to 70% in washing costs

With more than twenty-five years of experience in the hotel, restaurant and collective catering sector, Iniciaserveis® was born with the desire to make professional kitchens profitable, with quality equipment and solutions, to offer significant economic savings for restaurants, hotels and bars.

Under the philosophy of saving and optimisation, Iniciaserveis® has designed and manufactured Iniciasystems®, an innovative system for cleaning kitchen utensils by immersion, which, combined with its biodegradable thermoactive products, makes it possible to save up to 70% in washing costs, while at the same time disinfecting all the kitchen utensils.

This industrial utensil washer is designed to wash all industrial kitchenware, whether it be gastronorm trays (GN), casseroles, pearls, hood filters, swords and hooks for chicken roasters, also bakery or pastry trays and all kitchen utensils that need deep cleaning, or simply daily maintenance cleaning.

The Iniciasystems® utensil washer makes day-to-day cleaning considerably easier for catering, hotel and catering businesses and collective catering businesses such as central production kitchens, caterers, restaurants, bars, chicken roasters, hotels, bakeries, pastry shops, etc., and benefits them with great savings.

At Iniciaserveis®, aware of the need to make the most of its customers’ investment, its equipment for professional kitchens, degreasing machines, oil filtration systems and other products optimise resources to the maximum.

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