IQN 240: the queen of ice for cocktails

Ice Makers presents a machine capable of producing 240 kg of nugget ice in 24 hours

ITV Ice Makers arrives at Hostelco with the IQN 240, the only machine on the market capable of generating up to 240 kg of nugget ice per day and with the possibility of storing up to 70 kg. Its features include a high-efficiency evaporator, which reduces water and electricity consumption. It also has a self-diagnosis system with LED signalling to inform the user about its operation and possible alerts. The optical control is responsible for regulating the ice stock level.

In a commitment to the environment, this range of IQN ice machines incorporates the innovative R290 gas cooling system, with a very low GWP (Global Warming Potential) index. This improves efficiency and further reduces energy consumption.

Nugget ice is the latest trend in cocktails. These are ice pills with 10% humidity, ideal for keeping drinks cold for longer without watering them down. Its main distinguishing feature is a shape halfway between an ice cube and crushed ice, albeit in regular chunks. As an extra plus point, it requires little water and electricity to manufacture.

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