Longopac garbage bags

The Longopac garbage bag system reduces plastic consumption up to 70%

Longopac is an exclusive continuous garbage bag system that improves waste management and recycling in industry, commerce and services. Innovation manufactured by the Swedish company Paxxo, which LEANpio presents in Hostelco 2020. It is an efficient, safe and ecological solution for the segregation of waste at source in any sector of activity.

The exclusivity of Longopac resides in its format. It is a compact, extremely thin and resistant cassette, up to 160 m length, which provides advantages for less handling time, low consumption of plastic material, increased recycling rate, lower transport costs and reduced carbon footprint.

In a traditional garbage bag, three quarters of itremain empty. Longopac avoids such plastic waste. Its particular design allows you to always take advantage of 100% of the bag and easily extract, without direct contact with the waste, the excess of air. This translates into a reduction of more than 50% of its volume and a plastic consumption up to 70% lower. In addition, 85% of Longopac’s production waste is recycled. The result is that it leaves a carbon footprint three times smaller than any conventional garbage bag.

Longopac facilitates the classification of all types of waste. It has a wide range of bags and supports specially designed for very diverse spaces and uses. The bag is made of three layer polyethylene, and is also available in bioplastic and 100% compostable material.

It also has a wide range of colors and bag resistances in Mini, Midi and Maxi sizes, and is certified for use in various types of treatment in any sector of economic activity and services.

Longopac offers different solutions of supports and racks to adapt to the needs of each user: platforms with wheels, without wheels, multi-bin cabinets, bins for interior and exterior spaces, anchors for cabinets and walls, trolleys, stainless steel brackets, etc. All of them have an ergonomic design, to facilitate the handling and reduce the risk of injury.

By having a minimum surface, unlike normal garbage cans and bins, bacteria barely have a surface to perch. In addition, changes of stock market are made from the outside, avoiding the direct contact with the residues and the external spills. The result cannot be more hygienic.

With the aim of achieving a more circular and sustainable economy, LEANpio has been improving waste management and recycling management processes in industry and companies of all kinds for more than 15 years by introducing efficient, ecological and safe solutions.

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