Low energy dishwasher

Krupps SRL accessories use residual heat and allow a higher load in the dishwasher.

Managing energy consumption is a concern that is becoming increasingly relevant in the hospitality sector. Krupps SRL is approaching Hostelco 2022 with unprecedented solutions in Spain to save on the use of dishwashers in the hospitality industry. The ENERGY PRO GREEN accessory allows to save 20% of energy every day thanks to the heat recovery. By using it wash after wash, it is not necessary to heat the water over and over again, but it uses part of the energy from the previous use.

The second novelty of the Italian company is the DOUBLE Load, a gadget that allows the use of two baskets at the same time in the same wash, doubling the capacity of the dishwasher. This ingenuity not only ensures greater capacity in each cycle (and consequent electrical and water savings), but also helps to reduce time.

The operator can decide whether to remove the upper basket to wash glasses, plates and cups of different sizes without any problem. In this way, DOUBLE Load is completely adaptable to every situation.

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