Masters of traditional Japanese cutting

3 Claveles from La Rioja brings traditional Japanese cutting to Hostelco with its range of Tokyo knives

Inspired by traditional Japanese cuisine, the cutlery firm 3 Claveles is showing its Tokyo range of knives at Hostelco. The Yanagiba, Deba and Usuba models have the peculiarity of seeking high cutting performance and optimum comfort in use. Maintaining the oriental style, the cutting edge is positioned on one side of the blade, while the lifoflex handle gives it a better grip in the hand. All made of stainless steel.

The Yanagiba knife is designed for thinly slicing meat and fish, especially sushi and sashimi. Thanks to its long, narrow blade, it makes such a fine, clean cut that it is highly valued in artistic cutting. It has a length of about 24 cm, a matt polished finish and the traditional kanji near the blade.

The Deba is solid and stable, with a wide and strong blade. The front part is used for silhouetting fish, while the back part is useful for cutting bones. This model is available in 2 sizes: 15 cm and 21 cm.

Finally, the Usuba model is used, for cutting all kinds of vegetables, with a shorter blade than the previous ones, only 18 cm long and with a square shape.

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