No-Limit Cooker in the kitchen

KNL16 operates with 16 independent cooking hobs to be able to use pots and pans of all sizes

Adventys, French designer and manufacturer of cooking hob equipment, arrives at Hostelco with KNL 16, a multi-zone cooker kit equipped with Adventys No-Limit technology. This new cooking hob is composed of 16 independent hobs, which means that you can configure each zone independently and activate several cooking modes at the same time. In this way, more than a dozen frying pans, pots or small casseroles can be placed simultaneously. Or, on the contrary, place larger containers heated by several hobs. The KNL16 is extremely efficient in terms of space and set-up time optimisation. The cooking hob allows the possibility of modifying the power of each of its flames between 1 and 2 Kw, reaching a maximum of 32 Kw, so it is also effective in regulating the energy consumption of a kitchen. It is simple to use, as it is operated using a touch-sensitive keypad that controls each hob individually to adjust power and temperature. The programme function is also available with 3 storable settings and the control panels can be installed front to back (with both controls on the front of the product) or side to side (one control on each side of the unit).

InducStone, another of Adventys’ star products, will also be present at this edition. This new solution heats the chafing-dish through the stone (granite, marble or corian) to keep the food at the correct temperature all day long.

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