Oracle: the ‘Formula 1’ of ovens arrives

Lainox is launching, with Frigicoll's endorsement, an extremely versatile high-speed oven.

Waiting too long is a luxury we can’t always afford; and in the hotel and catering industry, even less so. The firm Lainox, backed by the Frigicoll guarantee, has taken up this challenge and will be presenting its spectacular Oracle at Hostelco, a high-speed oven that speeds up cooking times without lowering quality standards one iota.

Thanks to a combination of radiant infra-red, microwave and convection, it is effective for baking, browning and toasting. To give you an idea, its 11 power levels and 4 cooking stages can have a cheesecake ready in 1 minute, ten times faster than usual. Or a salmon ratatouille in 2 minutes, six times faster than with a conventional approach.

The new Oracle has a radiant infra-red cooking power of 3000 W, 2200 W microwave cooking and 2000 W convection cooking. In short, a true marvel of professional cooking designed to satisfy the most demanding standards of quality and speed.

Its touch screen allows intuitive control and easy access, while the stainless-steel interior and exterior finish makes it easy to clean, stylish and durable. Moreover, thanks to its large set of add-ons, it is fully customizable to the needs of the business. Its compact design will also make it easy to integrate into any kitchen.

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