Orders that are picked up (literally) in front of us

Masterwork Automodules introduces facial identification technology for order picking in hospitality industry

An innovative order management system is here to stay. In this new edition of Hostelco, the Taiwanese company Masterwork Automodules will give a real live demonstration of its Cashier range, whose main feature is the use of facial recognition technology when collecting orders.

The process starts at the menu selection kiosk, where the customer’s face is scanned. When the order is completed, payment is made by cash or credit card and the order is sent to the kitchen. Once ready, the customer must approach the delivery station, where the facial recognition system will allow them to pick up their order.

Cashier presents itself as a system with multiple advantages. The possibility of a payment or refund error is completely ruled out. Customer service times are reduced while efficiency and work flow are improved by automating the process. It is also presented as a more hygienic system as it removes points of contact between customers and employees.

Its 21.5″ touch screen and multilingual software based on simplicity make ordering intuitive for the end consumer. The ability to pay by card, mobile phone, banknotes or coins offers each customer the convenience of individual customisation.

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