Porcelain with a dancer soul

Le Ballet is a porcelain tableware with the qualities of a ballerina: elegant, light and very resistant

RAK Porcelain, manufacturer of porcelain tableware for the hospitality sector, has chosen Hostelco to launch its first collection in bone china. Light as a feather, but solid as a rock, it is called ‘Le Ballet’ because of its similarity to the delicate, graceful and athletic body of ballerinas. The pieces, made of natural mineral powder, have a high resistance to indentation and, at the same time, a luminous finish of ethereal beauty.

The collection is presented in two ranges, Bravura and Fedra, which together make up a total of 120 different pieces.

The Bravura design symbolises the discipline and precision that dancers and chefs share. The collection reinterprets the shapes of classic pieces in a modern style. Rectangular and square plates; round coupe dinner plates and soup plates; bells for gourmet soup plates, bowls, cups, mugs and saucers.

Phaedra is a range of contrasts. This series of refined silhouettes enjoys its own universality and, at the same time, is suitable for a multitude of settings: restaurants, room service, elegant breakfast rooms or tearooms. It consists of round flanged dinner plates, coupe plates, gourmet plates, oval dishes, bowls, cups and saucers.

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