Precision volumetric dosing

DosiFILLER N quickly and precisely measures the amount of liquid and semi-liquid to be administered

Dosifiller, a company belonging to the Fire Applied Technologies SL group, presents at Hostelco its DosiFILLER N, a pneumatic injector designed for the HORECA channel. Its volumetric dosing system makes it a very versatile tool, as it allows you to quickly and accurately measure the amount of liquid and semi-liquid to be administered. The standard non-drip system adds to the convenience and hygiene.

The DosiFILLER is made of stainless steel and each part is removable for easy cleaning. The dosing machine can be configured to meet the varying needs of each business. The lifting column makes it easy to load the contents. The table is height-adjustable and the piston diameter can be set by the customer. As an extra feature, it can be operated by foot pedal, push button or in automatic mode.

It is also possible to add a series of accessories to adapt it to each moment. Different dosing outputs can be added. The built-in hopper can be divided on the inside and a stirrer or even a head designed for pastry decoration can be added. It is also possible to add single or double needles of various sizes for a more controlled injection.

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