Roasts with an organic flavour

Gresilva® grills reach 850 °C in a few seconds with a low carbon monoxide level

A juicy, full-flavoured roast that minimises the ecological impact at the same time. This is the commitment of the firm Gresilva, which is presenting its range of grills free of grease and carbon residues at Hostelco. Gresilva® grills have a low carbon monoxide release rate and 100% natural heat radiation using natural gas, propane or butane. At maximum power, they reach a temperature of 850 °C in just a few seconds on the irradiation plates, obtaining carbon-free heat without a flame.

The food is placed on top. At a lower level, outside the grease drip area, are the heat distribution sources, which are burners consisting of ceramic irradiation plates. Its diagonal arrangement is intended to project the heat necessary for roasting the food, while allowing the waste to fall freely without coming into contact with the heat source. It provides a surrounding environment with very low smoke, as 90% of the fats are retained in the water.

Constructed in stainless steel, it features a solid and robust design, to offer long useful lives.

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