Secure payments at 40 coins per second

CashProtect automatic cash drawers speed up transactions and reduce the possibility of cashing errors to 0

A hygienic solution that enhances the shopping experience while controlling the checkout at the end of the day. This is CashProtect, the proposal that Expofarm brings to Hostelco. Its range of smart cash drawers goes beyond simply automating the process to reduce costs and speed up transactions. It is also much more secure than the traditional system, as it incorporates a counterfeit identifier.

The system is simple. The operator enters the amount to be paid through the computer, and the computer sends all the information to CashProtect. The customer inserts the money into the respective unit, either coins or banknotes, after which the smart cash drawer calculates the total to be returned without the possibility of error or human intervention. The proceeds are stored inside and cannot be stolen without the corresponding key.

Expofarm’s smart charging line consists of 4 models. For banknote counting, the brand offers the PRO models, which can store 780 banknotes and offers a bundle return, and the 400, which can store 520 and returns them at 1 banknote per second. For currency handling, the company presents As and CL. The first can hold up to 2,930 coins and gives change at a rate of 40 coins per second, while the second model holds 3,320 coins, with a return of 6 coins per second.

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