‘Smart’ assistance button

Pulsayvoy's device covers a radius of 500 m2 or the equivalent of a 15-floor hotel

Pulsayvoy arrives at Hostelco with a solution to improve table service time in medium and large areas: from 500 m2 to a hotel with more than 15 floors. Its wireless pager system facilitates communication between customers and service staff by allowing the customer to quickly and conveniently notify or request a ticket from staff. The entire system is wireless and works with GSM radio frequency, so it does not interfere with other systems and, at the same time, it does not lose coverage in its radius of action.

It works with 3 elements: warning device, receiver-transmitter and receiver clock. The customer presses the button, indicating whether he/she wants a service or is ready to pay. Staff are alerted on their watch, where the table or area that is calling is indicated, so they can approach directly even if there is no visual contact.

The warning devices are powered by 23A 2V batteries and can withstand about 10,000 keystrokes (about 2 years before battery replacement). As for watches, 2 types are available: the first is powered by AAA batteries and is the most popular, while the second is a smartwatch that is charged like a mobile phone.

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