Smyrna 30 Long Showcase

Stenger presents Smyrna 30 Long by Sevel, the first showcase with 30 ice-cream flavors of 5-liter

Smyrna 30 Long is the first ice cream showcase with the capacity to display 30 different flavours in 5-liter pails. Stenger presents at Hostelco 2020 the latest innovation from Sevel, equipped with the 4 SEASONS system, which allows it to work as an ice cream shop display cabinet with a temperature range between -18 ° C and -22 ° C or a bakery one, for chocolates or any product that requires refrigeration between + 4 ° C and + 8 ° C.

The double front glass system and the anodized front grille that constantly releases hot air prevent crystals from fogging, so that the product always has perfect visibility. Thanks to the high density polyurethane body, the display case prevents temperature losses, which gives it strong insulation, even in very hot temperature environments. In thisway, maximumenergyefficiencyisachieved.

The refrigeration system has been specially developed by the R&D department of Sevel, a Turkish manufacturer of international prestige, to maximize machine performance. A shorter and more effective defrosting system has been implemented, which allows, in addition to energy savings, more sustainable cooling and which affects the exposed product to a lesser extent.

Distinguished with climate class 7, the Smyrna 30 Long is prepared to reach -22 ° C in climatic conditions of + 32 ° C and 60% humidity, such as those in southern Spain and the Mediterranean coast during summer.

Sevel’s new showcase guarantees perfect and optimal product exposure, as much as more flavors without sacrificing store space.

Stenger manufactures biscuit cones for the ice cream industry since 1982, and since 1997 distributes the best products of the sector, own and from the most prestigious brands.

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