SonicAger reduces meat maturation time from 30 days to one hour

Besser Vacuum, the leading Italian manufacturing company of professional machinery for the hospitality industry, presents SonicAger, a machine for rapid maturation of meat and vegetables through ultrasounds. With its innovative method, it softens all cuts of meat, even the most fibrous, and loosens the vegetable fibers of vegetables, which accentuates its flavour.

Thanks to the release of ultrasonic bubbles, SonicAger reduces the bacterial load of food by more than 90%, increases its shelf life and keeps the weight and liquids of the final product unchanged. A single hour of use is equivalent to 30 days of traditional maturation of meat. In this way, processing times purchase and storage costs are drastically reduced.

With more than twenty years of experience manufacturing professional machines for vacuum packaging and instruments for sous-vide cooking, Besser Vacuum also presents the new line of ReLife vacuum bags, with soft preservation, 100% recyclable, and made of multilayer film completely sustainable.

It also launches The Probe, a wireless core probe for temperature control without punching the bag. Its the best way to control the temperature of food at every moment of its preparation, from cooking to rapid cooling and serving at the table. The Probe allows a probe to be inserted into each bag to serve customers at customized temperature plates.

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