Eloy Rodríguez

Gastromarketing Director | Hospect Alicante
Eloy Rodríguez


Gastromarketing expert and founder and director of Agencia Gastro and Instituto Gastro. He helps businesses to prevent the mistakes made at his own family’s restaurant, enabling them to grow through careful digital marketing and neuromarketing strategies.


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FASE 1. UX: the user experience before entering the restaurant

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Eloy Rodríguez
Eloy Rodríguez Hospect Gastromarketing Director Speaker

07-04-2022 11:40 07-04-2022 12:20 Europe/Madrid FASE 1. UX: the user experience before entering the restaurant

The customer experience starts not when the customer enters the restaurant, but much earlier, from the point when a prospective customer is looking for a place to eat or dine. The presence on social networks, the website, the reservation form and what happens after we have booked... everything matters to create a user experience that is consistent with what they will find when they get there.

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