Frederic Raurell

Business Development Manager | Vollrath PujadasBarcelona, Spain
Frederic Raurell


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Grilled food. Cooking techniques and equipment

Frederic Raurell
Frederic Raurell Vollrath PujadasBusiness Development ManagerSpeaker

05-04-2022 15:3005-04-2022 16:45Europe/MadridGrilled food. Cooking techniques and equipment

“An age-old practice, grilling leads to a combination of tradition and modernity in contemporary cuisine. This cooking technique ensures that the juices of the food come into contact with the embers, the source of heat. This contact generates a gaseous chemical reaction (the smoke), which impregnates the food with its characteristic flavour. We’ll discuss the different grilling techniques, as well as the equipment we have to offer this style of cooking at current-day restaurants”.

Hall 4
Tue 5 15:30h - 16:45h Hall 4

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