Guillermo Navarro Tallada

Co-Founder & Managing Director | Preparados Naturales El PaellerCheste, Spain
Guillermo Navarro Tallada


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The benefits of built-in units in bespoke kitchen design

Pamela Wauters Ripoll
Pamela Wauters RipollNuevas Técnicas del Gas, S.L.Speaker
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Guillermo Navarro Tallada
Guillermo Navarro TalladaPreparados Naturales El PaellerCo-Founder & Managing DirectorSpeaker

06-04-2022 13:0006-04-2022 14:15Europe/MadridThe benefits of built-in units in bespoke kitchen design

In the lecture, NTGAS will give the keys for the design of a custom-made kitchen with the innovative NTGAS drop-in systems for professional kitchens. The advantages of using our modules in terms of design and usability will be explained, and our wide range of modules for professional kitchens will be presented. In addition, important innovations will be presented, such as the gas-powered CALÇOTERA/BBQ, which facilitates the preparation of calçots, improving productivity and calçots preparation at any time of the day, in a cleaner and faster way. To conclude the presentation, the collaboration between NTGAS and the manufacturer of traditional wood-fired broths El Paeller, which has resulted for the first time in the large industrial cooking fires automation, will be presented, and the first automatic model on the market, the "EL PAELLER by NTGAS" burner, will be presented.

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Wed 6 13:00h - 14:15h Hall 4

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