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Jordi Carreras Muria


I am the ACTUAL MUSIC CURATOR of LEXIES, KAZOKU & SACHI Restaurants in Cairo (Egypt), Baky Hospitallity company of Ayman Baky. From the Manchester (UK) SOTTO WILMSLOW restaurant and the whole chain of UDON Asian restaurants and soon from the jewellery shops of the renowned Brazilian jewellery designer Jack Vartanian.


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FASE 2. The restaurant atmosphere. Key points of the comfort of the space

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Jordi Carreras Muria
Jordi Carreras Muria Real Brand MusicMusic Curator/DJSpeaker

07-04-2022 12:2007-04-2022 13:00Europe/MadridFASE 2. The restaurant atmosphere. Key points of the comfort of the space

What are the key points to produce greater comfort in the business? On many occasions, the customer experience designed in restaurant and catering businesses does not take into account variables such as interior design and acoustic experience, and yet these can be two essential elements to improve the perception and reputation of our restaurant.

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