Manel Morillo Prieto

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Manel Morillo Prieto


Expert consultant in hospitality, focusing on restaurant and hotel management, particularly in the areas of operational management, digitisation, food delivery and robotics. I’ve worked my way through all the positions in a restaurant up to the post of general manager of several companies in the sector and for the last 10 years I’ve assisted entrepreneurs in their daily challenges.


Round Table | Live Arena Business, Management and Marketing

FASE 4. How to improve the customer experience in delivery

Rodrigo Domínguez-Sáez
Rodrigo Domínguez-Sáez Barra de IdeasDirectorModerador/Presentador
Manel Morillo Prieto
Manel Morillo PrietoCongusto ConsultingConsulting PartnerSpeaker
Guillem Ontiveros
Guillem Ontiveros TelemakiCEOSpeaker
Sara Serantes
Sara Serantes FreshpertsCEOSpeaker

07-04-2022 13:3007-04-2022 14:10Europe/MadridFASE 4. How to improve the customer experience in delivery

One of the major booms in gastronomy in recent years has been the home delivery service. But despite the massive influx of businesses in this sales channel, the customer experience may not have been the best. How can we meet our customer's expectations in a service as difficult to control as home delivery?

Live Hotel
Thu 7 13:30h - 14:10h Live Hotel
Round Table | Speaker's Corner Technology and Innovation

Artificial Intelligence in the HORECA sector

Jordi Bisbe Serra
Jordi Bisbe SerraDeclinamDirectorModerador/Presentador
Claudia De Sweemer Lloret
Claudia De Sweemer LloretBeSmartExecutive AccountSpeaker
Manel Morillo Prieto
Manel Morillo PrietoCongusto ConsultingConsulting PartnerSpeaker
Patricia Fernández
Patricia Fernández AECOCSpeaker

07-04-2022 12:1507-04-2022 13:00Europe/MadridArtificial Intelligence in the HORECA sector

Artificial intelligence is defined as "the combination of algorithms designed for the purpose of creating machines that have the same capabilities as human beings" and, in practice, it increases and improves our decision-making capacity, as we can assimilate a greater volume of data with the help of tools and implement actions and changes based on real data and statistics; not only on intuition. Clear and easy to implement examples will be presented in the Horeca sector, looking at how one can take advantage of NGEU aids to implement the solutions.

Hall 4
Thu 7 12:15h - 13:00h Hall 4

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