Maria Alejandra Olano

Green Coffee Sales | Federación de Cafés de ColombiaBarcelona, Spain
Maria Alejandra Olano


Business Administrator with a Master's degree in Coffee Science and Economics - Ernesto Illy with seven years of experience in the coffee industry. Since 2016, she has been a member of the speciality coffee sales team of the National Federation of Coffee Growers, where she is currently responsible for sales to the European market, where she promotes the diversity of flavours of Colombian coffee and its high quality.


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The Importance of Training in the Coffee Industry

Ruben Sanz Navarro
Ruben Sanz NavarroEvoca GroupCoffee AmbassadorModerador/Presentador
Alejandro Mouriño
Alejandro Mouriño Fórum del CaféSpeaker
Salvador Sans
Salvador Sans Cafés el Magnífico Speaker
Maria Alejandra Olano
Maria Alejandra Olano Federación de Cafés de ColombiaGreen Coffee SalesSpeaker
Carles Gonzalez Antequera
Carles Gonzalez AntequeraRancilioSpeaker

05-04-2022 11:0005-04-2022 11:45Europe/MadridThe Importance of Training in the Coffee Industry

The theme is the importance of training at all stages of the coffee value chain, from the farmer to the consumer.

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Tue 5 11:00h - 11:45h Hall 7

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