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How to make the coffee business profitable

Rodrigo Domínguez-Sáez
Rodrigo Domínguez-Sáez Barra de IdeasDirectorModerador/Presentador
Eva Rodríguez
Eva Rodríguez El FornetSpeaker
Raúl Armengol Moscardó
Raúl Armengol MoscardóLa HermositaFounderSpeaker

04-04-2022 12:4504-04-2022 13:30Europe/MadridHow to make the coffee business profitable

What happens to most coffee shops, specialty or otherwise? Selling only coffee is not a sustainable business. For this reason they all promote selling other products linked to the consumption of the best possible coffee. Moreover, in recent times, specialisation has also made it necessary to sell other types of products. How are they doing?

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