Technological awnings to shine with your own light

The luminous fabrics of Toldos Led (LED Awnings) shine both day and night thanks to a power of up to 6,500k

Toldos LED aims to shine at Hostelco 2022 with its patented system of luminous fabrics. By inserting an LED plate inside the skirt, they are able to illuminate the text and logos of awnings and banners on both sides. Their light output of up to 6,500 k makes them stand out both day and night.

Luminous fabric is presented as a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional illuminated signs. Thanks to the energy efficiency of LED technology, it is possible to save up to 80% compared to other traditional systems. The quality of the components extends the lifetime of the diodes to about 25,000 hours. As certified by the CE ROHS certificate, they are made from recycled materials and are free of toxic components.

LED illuminated awnings are a particularly suitable option for establishments where it is not possible to install a sign due to space, town planning or licensing reasons. They are fully customisable, with more than 1,000 success stories from leading fabric manufacturers. In fact, even if a sun shading system is already in place, it is only necessary to replace the backdrop with another one with identical characteristics.

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